LED Screens

Tenrod can now supply LED display systems in 2 forms :

Full Colour Large LED Screens

LED Curtains for backdrops and window displays


Full Colour LED Screens for Outdoor and Indoor Display

Tenrod Australia can supply a range of large, full colour video LED Screens for broadcasting of videos, information display, advertising or promotional display at events and public arenas.

They can be used as pylon signs to advertise the venue's events, facilities and promotions. The display can in full colour graphics, videos or in text with effects. For indoors the LED Screens are most appropriate for advertising and promotional use in concourses, forecourts, court yards, rooms in shopping complexes or in clubs and gaming rooms etc.

The LED Screens are of modular construction comprising of cabinets stacked in rows and columns to configurations specified by the users to suit each user's purposes. Circular or curved configurations whether convex curved or concave curved can be supplied to your wall or recess profile.

Tenrod's LED Screens are very economical and very affordable, making them very viable to install at various sites.

For broadcasting applications Tenrod's indoor range includes a very high resolution and high scanning rates suitable for TV rebroadcast. 

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Features and Benefits of Tenrod's video LED Screens

  • They are easy to operate and are capable of replicating full colour pictures as viewed on the computer monitor
  • Customers can easily load their own contents on the screen
  • High quality and application specific LEDs are used in the modules to provide superb and vivid colour replications of up to 4.4 trillion colours/greyscales (synchronized)
  • The LED Screen can be configured into various sizes, pitches, resolutions, viewing distances and shapes (flat or curved)
  • Pixel pitches can range from 4.572mm to 31.25mm. High scanning rates are available for broadcasting applications
  • LED screens can be easily connected to an AV system for a vibrant performance with audio & music
  • The LED Screens are fitted with inputs for use in a variety of sources including cameras, TV and DVD players and computers for networking to the internet
  • Outdoor video LED Screens offer virtual pixel options that quadruples the pixel density
Schematic Diagram of the LED Full Colour Video Display System.


LED CURTAINFull Colour LED Curtain

LED Curtain is a light-weight, weather-proof, semi-see through system that can be mounted in creative and imaginative ways. Full colour LED curtain can be used for stage backdrops, video information or banner displays, and even indoor decorations. Tenrod Australia provides a wide range of video curtains that is suitable for any application.


Semi see-through RGB LED display system for easy applications

As stage backdrop or banner display

As display board-cum-privacy screen at reception foyers

Lightweight - suited for suspended mounting for elevated visibility

Full colour for attention and decoration

Easy to operate; mimic computer screen

Modular-join and stack with fitted cables

Fit to desired display size

Low thickness

IP65 rated enclosure

Computer video file compatible

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Video LED Screens & LED Curtains come in varying capabilities and various sizes. Tenrod can supply LED Screens and LED Curtains for Indoor and Outdoor Uses. The size and viewing distance will determine the pixel pitch and quantity so as to effect a picture quality that suits the purpose of the installation. 
Tenrod's can offer a very fine pixel pitch for a very high resolution indoor display to larger pitches for large outdoor installation. Each screen is customized from a modular system of interconnected display panels in sheet metal cabinets. 

The entire system can conveniently interface with standard PC hardware and will be to run standard video formats for easy operations. 

For enquiries please contact us for a proposal. If you have the following details kindly provide as preliminary inputs as well as your contact details. 

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