Small business at risk as enterprises learn the hard lessons.

In light of recent attacks, big business are becoming more aware that they are under constant threat of getting breached and leaking business critical data, costing them up to millions of dollars in damage to their reputation and customer confidence. As they begin to learn these hard lessons and buckle down and harden their systems, hackers will more and more turn their attention to the smaller guys. With more automated attacks and malware traps lying in wait, it is not only big business who need to withstand these persistent threats.

You might consider your SME to be small target, but it only takes one breach and your business can be irreparably crippled. That risk will only get greater as the larger "soft targets" get their act together. 

So what are the options left for a small business? They can take the risk they get lucky and won't be noticed, but with malware becoming more pervasive and require even less interaction to infect and deploy their payload, this risk is ever growing.